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I communicate from my heart as I paint. When I stand in front of a blank canvas, I’m absorbing my subject to be painted and find myself feeling, rather than seeing, the colours to use.

 It’s such an exhilarating sensation to see my happiness and joy transform this white piece of cloth into a colourful piece of art that captures the light and movement I love to bring into all my paintings.  


It’s the best feeling in the world to know my art is bringing light and happiness into peoples homes. This energy I infuse into my art and I hope others feel these good vibes when they stand in front of one of my paintings. I love it when people tell me they feel uplifted, inspired and happy when they see my art.

I use acrylics and oil paints and have also been experimenting with oil sticks. I love their texture and intense colours.

People often comment how alive my paintings feel and how much positive energy they beam out.

I've traveled so much in my life and I think visually I'm really good at taking in my surroundings. I’ve been in so many different cultures and environments, that all these life experiences influence my art. Whenever I look at something interesting or beautiful, whether that’s people or animals or landscapes or structures, I can’t just look and sweep by. I really like to look into whatever I’m absorbing and as I’m perceiving things I’m graphing it out with my eyes, as if I’m standing in front of a canvas.


It’s my wish that when others see my art that they feel inspired and uplifted. I’d love them to absorb the beauty from my paintings and accept beauty in whichever way it presents itself with all its quirks and imperfections so they may carry this acceptance into their everyday life. 

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